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Aminocare Cream (Aminocare Products) 30 grams

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– Brand: Amioncare Products
– Quantity: 30 grams
– Aminocare for the face



What is it?

Ingredients include purified water, emulium delta, Huile de Tamanu, glycerin, isopropyl palmitate, phenylacetylglutamine, phenylacetylisoglutamine, cyclomethicone (Fluid 245,) cetyl alcohol, glyceryl monostearate, grapefruit seed extract, fragrance.

This product was developed by the famous Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D.

This is an ultra rich hydrating skin cream that reduces and removes wrinkles. It is an amino acid based skin cell protector.

From the Aminocare web site:

“Aminocare® skin cream is a biocompatible effective natural healer that contains remarkable soothing and healing properties. It protects and insulates the skin from the sun, wind, extreme temperatures and pollution, thus slowing down the aging process and helping you to look younger than your age.

Aminocare® skin cream’s rejuvenating effects keep your skin smooth, taut and moist.

You won’t believe the difference! Do you, in your thirties, forties or fifties, worry about age lines emerging around your eyes, lips and neck or are sorry about that slight sag in your face?

Since surgery scares most people and facelifts cost a fortune, then try the finest, fastest, non-surgical cosmetic technique for younger skin ever invented and, instead of agonizing over what you see in the mirror or the lack of response from other products, watch these aging signs diminish or disappear altogether because you will no longer be using one of the other products. With regular use, you will look younger for life.

This unique skin care preparation is not a cosmetic, but the ideal composition of amino acid molecules and derivatives which refresh and protect the skin constantly and efficiently. It works both chemically and scientifically to halt and reverse wrinkle and line formation in human skin, regenerates the growth of new healthy tissue, prevents circles under the eyes, and even treats many skin problems, including crow’s feet and existing stretch marks. Lines and wrinkles grow shallower. Age spots practically disappear and, even the backs of the hands and elbows become smoother.

Aminocare® cream helps the skin retain its natural resiliency and slow down the signs of aging. It is a nourishing cream which will prevent the moisture dehydration of skin and will produce a satiny texture with more youthful firmness, while stimulating natural cell rejuvenation. ”


Do not use if allergy or rash develops.

Suggested Use

Apply morning and night.

Additional information

Weight3 lbs